Optimize Your Health & Immune System!

A program for achieving your best health by boosting your immune function, cleansing your colon, detoxing your body. 7 Day Guided Cleanse - Materials Included!

OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH! This is a 7 Day supported program that offers a comprehensive, advanced and DIY immune boost, colon cleanse and detox.

It is designed to optimize your immune function and teach you about some nutrition basics that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle into the future, too.


Products are included in the cleanse

7 Day Life-changing Program


Program includes:

  • Educational materials, food guidelines and checklists
  • On-line course for life
  • Free Recipe e-book
  • Free Cleanse Overview Detailed eBook

We have one goal, you get the greatest benefit and support for success.

PROGRAM SUPPLEMENTS - Included and Shipped Directly to you:

  • Oxy-powder - Oxygen-flooding cleanse supplement
  • Lateroflora - advanced probiotics for immediate gut rebuilding
  • Aloe Fuzion - Aloe Vera Caps - For immediate digestive healing, immune building, soothes stressed tissues and offers nutrition support and anti-inflammation properties
  • Zeotrex - Iodine for endocrine support and cleansing along with other heavy metal detoxing nutrients like earthen parsley,shilajit, nettles, alfalfa, earthen zeolyte and earthen fulvic acids both good for detoxing, anti0viral and anti-bacterial as wellas alkalizing
  • Foot Detox Pads - Using herbs and clay, these simple foot overnight pads complete the process to create a comprehensive detox effect
This course combines the best learning elements to create a private but supportive, simple but effective colon cleanse program that will prepare you to make informed decisions for your health in the future. It is:
  • Convenient: You do this in the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Easy: Simply take the supplements and repeat for 6 days
  • Supportive: Through daily lessons you’ll learn what is happening in your body during the detox cleanse and how it will help your long-term health. You’ll never feel alone - we will always be available to answer your questions
  • Educational: Learn the advanced benefits of cleansing and detoxing for long-term health and optimal immune function
  • Community Oriented: We do this by group to help support each other
  • Lifestyle Tips: Learn about supporting foods like aloe vera and fermented foods
  • Long Term Benefits: Put all the best elements together to have the best, simplest, most private and effective colon cleanse program ever as well as educational information to help making informed decisions going forward
  • Money Saving: Daily traditional hydrotherapy colonics for a week can cost as much as $600 to $1,000. This colon cleansing process not only cleanses the lower colon like a traditional cleanse but also cleanses the upper part of the colon and, you get this included in this program


  • The Cleanse floods the entire colon with oxygen
  • Viruses and even cancer is averse to oxygen
  • More oxygen, more alkalinity, less inflammation, less pathogens
  • Oxygen melts mucoid plaque overnight and reduces constipation
  • Oxygen alkalizes the body
  • More Alkalinity, more oxygen, more bioelectricity


This is a special program and we personally support you and keep in touch. We want to make sure we answer your questions and support you fully and also embrace a private or community based environment. Here is what we do.

  • Pre-cleanse - Check-in if you have questions about the shopping or if you received the materials
  • Day 2 - 30 Minutes one-on-one discussion to review the results and make adjustments if necessary
  • Day 3 - 30 Minutes one-on-one discussion to review the results and make adjustments if necessary
  • Course: Comments on all content is available and will promptly responded to
  • Personal: Ability to send questions by eMail daily - [email protected]
Why Take This Course?
  • Take your first step towards optimal health
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Eliminate constipation or sluggish digestion
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Support weight loss
  • Improve absorption
  • Increase energy
  • Get your questions answered about health and nutrition
  • Get support throughout the cleanse - you are not alone

Your Instructor

Joseph Lucier AOBTA
Joseph Lucier AOBTA

Joseph Lucier AOBTA, international trainer and practitioner, founded Anusara Academy for the purpose of spreading nutrition programs, cleansing opportunities and the Tam Healing System, throughout the world.

He has taught in clinics all over the world including the 5 Branches Acupuncture College, San Jose CA, Hyannis Massage School, MA and Esofos Healing Center, Athens Greece.

  • Nutrition Coach: Plant Based Nutrition
  • Cleansing Coach: Immune Boosting and Detoxification Clay Cleanse
  • Medical Massage Therapist: Tui Na - 21 years Practice - LMT AOBTA - AnusaraWellness.com
  • Heat and Light Therapies: Infrared, Hyperthermia, PEMF, Magnet Pain Therapy
  • Distance Healing: Tong Ren Practitioner with worldwide clients
  • Chinese Translator
  • Software Engineer
  • 8-Time Author: The Anusara Path to Wellness;Tam Healing System Illustrated Anatomy (English and Italian) – Point Location and Healing Strategies; Understanding the Nature of Cancer; Tam Healing System and Depression, Avocado Joy; Bioelectricity - The Forgotten Paradigm; Disease Prevention with Plant Based Nutrition; The Dairy Contrarian
  • Founder: Anusara Path to Wellness: Learn.AnusaraWellness.com - Tong Ren Academy: TongRenAcademy.com, Tong Ren Healer: TongRenHealer.com

Course Curriculum


This is a 7 Day supported program that offers a comprehensive, advanced and DIY immune boost, colon cleanse and detox. It is designed to optimize your immune function, improve digestion and teach you about some nutrition basics that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle into the future, too.


This 7 day program is hosted live each week.

The actual cleanse is 7 days in duration with day seven to also get the benefits and reflect on the result. During the cleansing period you will be learning about the benefits and how to get the best results from your cleanse (you will do this via the online course that is included with the cost of the cleanse program).

The cleanse can be done individually and is guided through the process to get the best benefits, while being supported along the way.

Sometimes the cleanse is done by group or even couples and you will also be connecting with other people in your group so you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences. There is power in community, and support is a key process of this program’s success. Don’t be afraid to tap into that!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Right now we are doing this by scheduled groups once a month, the third Friday of the month. Contact us for the next group cleanse dates. The course is day by day with our guidance and support. NEXT GROUP CLEANSE: Registration Deadline: August 5, 2020 Cleanse Dates August 15, 2020 - Day 1 - Saturday August 16, 2020 - Day 2 - Sunday August 17, 2020 - Day 3 - Monday August 18, 2020 - Day 4 - Tuesday August 19, 2020 - Day 5 - Wednesday August 20, 2020 - Day 6 - Thursday August 21, 2020 - Day 7 - Friday
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Since I need products to do the cleanse on Saturday, how early do I need to register?
Registration ideally is 10 days before your Saturday for Shipping of the products. Example: If you are starting on Saturday the 15th of a month, registration should be around the 5th.​ Example: Whenever you sign up, you will start probably a week from the Saturday of the current week you are in. Either way, we will make it work for you and possibly even accelerate the timeline depending on your location or personal need.
Is taking this much magnesium in the oxy powder able to disrupt the other electrolytes like potassium or calcium?
We have not seen this because Magnesium oxide is not absorbed well by the body - most of it acts on and stays in the intestinal tract.
It can be taken daily in small doses long term even 1-3 capsules?
We [Global Healing Center] have had a few customers with severe bowel issues report taking 10-20 capsules per day without any long term consequences (although we do not recommend this long term).
is there a good low maintenance dose long term to get oxygen especially for cancer patients?
Oxygen delivery and bowel maintenance would be 2-3 capsules daily.
What should I expect when I take Oxy-Powder?
Oxy-Powder can help you experience more frequent, softer, and smoother bowel movements. As your intestinal tract cleanses itself, your bowel movement will be lighter and the frequency of your bowel movements will usually begin to diminish.
Can I use Oxy-Powder if I am taking medications or other supplements?
It’s important to check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement. We have not received reports of contraindications when taking Oxy-Powder with over the counter products or prescriptions as long as the Oxy-Powder is taken six hours before or after.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Joseph Lucier AOBTA

[email protected]

phone or text: 617-276-5603

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